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Kessler & Sons Music (via the website, on eBay as user: "kesslermusic" or in any location operated by Kessler & Sons Music) is not an "Authorized Dealer" for the following companies/distributors:

All brand names or trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Kessler & Sons Music does have a re-sale license in the state of Nevada and is allowed to re-sell anything that they purchase. All instruments sold through Kessler & Sons Music that are not authorized to be sold through Kessler & Sons Music, do not have the factory (manufacturer's) warranty. Kessler & Sons Music assumes the responsibility of warranting all of these instruments for the 1 year on defects in workmanship or materials, 1 year on cracking on wooden instruments & 1 year on all pads and adjustments.

The products that Kessler & Sons Music sells & are not authorized to sell in the USA, are the same instruments as the ones sold by "Authorized Dealers" in the US, but are simply purchased by Kessler & Sons Music through other sources.

Chuck Kessler is the President of Kessler & Sons Music. The company is run by himself and his wife Rebecca Kessler.

This website is maintained by Dave Kessler, Chuck's son. Dave Kessler is not the owner or an officer of Kessler & Sons Music and his personal opinions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Kessler & Sons Music, it's owners, officers or other employees.

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