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Kessler Custom Artist Series Trumpet
Artist Series - Intermediate Model
Professional Design | Goldbrass Leadpipe | 4.8" Bell with Soldered Bead | Premium Pistons

Available Now in 2 Finishes:
Gold Lacquer - Click Here
Heavy Silver - Click Here

Every Kessler Custom Artists Series Trumpet is Inspected & Play Tested
by Tony Scodwell of Scodwell USA Trumpets

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All Kessler Custom Artist Series Trumpets are Play Tested & Inspected by Tony Scodwell!
Our Kessler Custom Artist Series Trumpets are all play tested and inspected by
master trumpet maker, professional player & band master Tony Scodwell. Tony puts his
seal of approval on every horn before they are made available to sale to the customer.
We go through these extra steps to guarantee you receive an AMAZING trumpet!
Each Artist Series trumpet has a signed certificate of testing & inspection.
Special Gift: Every trumpet includes a signed copy of Tony's book from Hal Leonard:
"Big Band Classics Featuring Tony Scodwell"

Kessler Custom Artist Series - Intermediate Model Trumpet Specifications
Bell4.8" Yellow brass with Soldered Bead
Bore.460" ML
ValvesPremium Monel
FinishLacquer (will also be available in Heavy Silver Plate)
Valve CapsHeavy Weight Top & Bottom Caps
CaseDeluxe Woodshell Case
Quality ControlInspected & Play Tested by Trumpet Master Tony Scodwell
Warranty1 Year covering defects in workmanship & material (through Kessler shop)

Ready to Order???
Gold Lacquer - Click Here | Heavy Silver - Click Here

Kessler Custom instruments offer players superior value and performance than the current industry offerings. Our instruments are built under the strictest quality control standards with only the best materials and excellent craftsmanship. We also bring in the help of master trumpet maker Tony Scodwell to make sure that every Kessler Custom trumpet is an exceptional instrument.

Tony Scodwell Inspection & Play Test
There are a lot of trumpets to choose from in the current market. However, most of them are treated like a piece of electronics or a DVD... an item that can be simply grabbed off of the shelf and shipped to the customer. Musical instruments should never be treated in this way. Musical instruments need to be tested and made sure that they are right before they are given to a player. Sadly, most trumpets are not tested and inspected either at the factory or by the music store that sells them. Our trumpets are not treated this way!

Every Kessler Custom Artist Series trumpet is play tested and inspected by Tony Scodwell. Tony is a master trumpet builder, the maker of Scodwell USA professional custom trumpets. He is a top tier professional player and band leader. He goes over every single Kessler Custom Artist Pro model trumpet to make sure that they are amazing instruments before they ever get put in the hands of a player. Each instrument will include a signed letter of inspection for that instrument. What other trumpet in this range can make this type of testing claim?

Our Kessler Custom Artist Intermediate model trumpet provide players
a trumpet that offers amazing performance at a fraction of the price!

Intermediate Model - Bell
The bell used on our Artist Intermediate model trumpets is a 4.8", yellow brass with a soldered bead. The soldered bead makes a huge difference in the performance of a trumpet. While it might seem like an overall a simple thing, many manufacturers of trumpets at this price will elect not to solder the bead in order to make you want to buy their higher end models. By soldering the bead, you bell is able to vibrate as 1 piece of metal. If you don't solder the bead, the brass of the bell and the steel wire inside the bead can vibrate against each other and actually cancel out the overall vibration of the bell thus negatively impacting your trumpet's performance!

This bell produces a full tone with excellent response and projection. A very versatile performer for any style of music!

Intermediate Model - Leadpipe
The leadpipe of our Artist Series Intermediate Model is a Goldbrass leadpipe that is paired with a traditional squared tuning slide. The Goldbrass pipe is more durable than a traditional yellow brass pipe and provides a richer, more focused tone. We elected to go with the squared main tuning slide in order to provide more stable intonation and slotting. We also feel that when played with proper breath support, this combination will giver great response and add more core to the tone of the horn.

Artist Series Valves
The valves used on our Artist Series trumpets are of the highest quality Monel alloy valves that we have ever come across. The fit & finish quality of the valves rivals the absolute best valves ever made. They are tightly fit and provide amazing response and feel. They will hold their own up against the valves on $3,000+ trumpets and in many cases, still be a better valve! They are very durable holding tight feel and excellent seal to the air column of your horn.

If you have any questions, please call Dave Kessler Toll Free at 1-888-830-0474 Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 | Sat 9:30-4:00 | Sun: Closed, West Coast Time.

Kessler Custom Instruments

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