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New Buffet E11 Custom Bb Wood Clarinet
Setup with Backun Cocobolo Professional Barrel
With Aux. Left Hand Eb/Ab Lever

Completely Sold Out
If you are looking for a new Buffet E11 - Give us a call!

(photographed with upper joint pad upgrade)

All clarinets purchased from Kessler & Sons Music include a complete professional setup
as well as a 1 year pads & adjustments warranty at no extra charge!

Buffet Custom Model Specifications
Body Material Grenadilla Wood Body, Barrel & Bell - Made in Germany, based on E11 design.
Bore Buffet Poly-Cylindrical Bore with Undercut Tone Holes
Keys Ergonomic Silver Plated Keys - WITH Auxiliary Left Hand Eb/Ab Lever (Advanced Key Option)
Stock Barrel 64.5mm Buffet Grenadilla Wood Barrel
2nd Barrel Backun Ringless Cocobolo Professional Barrel, Customer choice of 65mm or 66mm
Upper Joint Pads Double Skin Buffet Pads
Pad Upgrade Option High End Valentino Master Series Pads - Firm, Long Life, Better Response - the Ultimate Pro Pad!
Lower Joint Pads Double Skin Buffet Pads
Case Backpack Case

What does our Professional Setup do for you the customer?

No clarinet comes into our shop from the manufacturers in perfect adjustment. In fact, the longer that they have sat in a storage facility or on a shops shelves, the more out of adjustment they typically are. This is due to the felt in the pads losing the compression that forms the "pad seat" causing leaks of air through the pads. With wood clarinets, the wood can shrink or swell depending on the climate which can effect the fit of the joints as well as cause keys to bind up.

Our Professional Setup prior to shipping is done to ensure that you receive a clarinet that plays perfectly right out of the box. This way you get the superior performance of the clarinet without having to have it "setup" by some other technician. As a professional shop, one of the biggest requirements falls on the repair abilities of the shop. Ours is one of the best around!

We have some of the lowest prices in the country on instruments, no other shop can give you this price AND this setup.

This new Buffet Custom model Bb clarinet is the perfect choice for any advancing clarinetist. Designed and made by Buffet, the leading clarinet maker, this clarinet is equipped with professional features commonly found on only the most advanced instruments in the world.

Equipped standard with the Auxiliary left hand Eb/Ab lever. This is a great additional key for any level of player.

KesslerMusic Buffet E11 Custom - Upgrade Options

Pad Upgrade
Additional Cost: $150
Christmas Special: $100!

We are also offering an upgrade to the top joint of the clarinet (the one most sensitive to leaks) with the newest high end pad designed for use with professional clarinets, the new Valentino "Master Series" Pads. We have a long standing relationship with the people at Valentino and have been testing this pad for a while. We firmly believe it to be the superior clarinet pad on the market! This upgrade would cost $150 and improves the performance of the clarinet while making it a lower maintenance instrument. - This upgrade can be done at a later time.

-click for more info on the Valentino "Master Series" Pads-

You will not find a better clarinet value on the entire market! This is a small production run of this clarinet and quantities are limited!

If you have any questions, please give us a call!



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