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1980's Conn DJH Modified 108M Professional Alto Sax
Pro Shop Overhauled - Made by Keilwerth
Serial 90,152 | Great Condition | Completely Pro Shop Overhauled with Black Kangaroo Pads


This Saxophone has had a True Pro Shop Overhaul
As an Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop, we have been recognized for our technical ability to get the most out of a saxophone. Our Pro Shop Overhaul is more than simply repadding the sax. With our Pro Shop Overhaul, we are bringing out the absolute maximum performance of this sax. This job includes:

Diamond Tone Hole Finishing
Premium Pad Selection - This horn received Black Kangaroo Leather Pro Pads with Black Nylon Resonators
Custom Refitting of ALL Keys to Posts & Rods
1 Year Pro Shop Warranty

With this job done, this sax feels mechanically perfect. There is no key slop, mechanical noise or any flex. The Kangaroo pads give a solid feel and hold their adjustment better than traditional pads. They do not require as deep of a pad seat due to the diamond tone hole leveling meaning that they are less prone to sticking and do not need as frequent adjustment. The harder surface of the pad reflects air better than traditional pads giving the horn added resonance and power.

For sale is an early 1980's Conn "DJH Modified" Alto Sax, model 108M - Serial Number 90,152.

The saxophone has original lacquer and is 85%+ in tact. The neck is original, never bent. The sax has never had severe damage to the tube or keywork.

We have performed our "Pro Shop Overhaul" service on this saxophone. All the work was done in our Exclusive Selmer Paris Pro Shop. The overhaul includes refitting of all the mechanisms both between the posts but also to the rods themselves. This ensures the instrument is mechanically perfect and on par with the best professional saxophones today.

This overhaul also includes diamond tone hole leveling which allows us to use a higher end, Black Kangaroo leather pad. These pads offer a firmer feel, hold their adjustments better (when paired with proper level tone holes) and project sound better than standard pads. Black Nylon Domed resonators and black felts were used throughout.

The case is a new case that was made for larger bell horns (the case was a stock case from our Kessler Custom Sonus saxophones).

A 1 year pads & adjustments shop warranty is included with the horn. All work was done in our Exclusive Selmer Paris Pro Shop.

All Repairs Done in Our OFFICIAL Selmer Paris Pro Shop

If you have any questions, please call Dave Kessler Toll Free at 1-888-830-0474 Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 | Sat 9:30-4:00 | Sun: Closed, West Coast Time.




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