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National School Music Rentals!

This page is intended solely for customers outside of the Las Vegas valley.
If you live in the Las Vegas valley, please come in to one of our 3 convenient store locations for local specials

Kessler & Sons Music is Las Vegas' leading Band & Orchestra Music Store. We rent out thousands of musical instruments for your school music student. Over the past decade, we have developed a big online presence and have been amazed at what customers are paying for rentals elsewhere in the country.

We have some of the lowest rental fees that you will find in the USA. All of our instruments are meticulously maintained and serviced in our professional repair shop here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We maintain these rentals so that we can help keep our costs lower compared to stores that simply sell off their rentals and have to buy brand new horns to put into their rental fleet thus increasing their rental costs to you!

Currently, we offer many of the most popular instruments for our National Rental programs. Other instruments that are not listed might still be available depending on supply and your location. If you are looking for an instrument that is not listed, please give us a call!

Click on the Instrument you are looking for!
Flute Piccolo
Clarinet Alto Sax
Trumpet Violin
Rental Terms & Conditions Download Application (pdf)

Why don't we list other instruments on-line for rental?
On many other instruments, we have a more limited supply that we commonly run out of for our local customers. We are the principle music supplier in Las Vegas, Nevada - home of the largest single school district (Clark County School District) in the USA. We rent thousands of instruments locally on these limited supply instruments, we choose to keep them available primarily so that we do not run out of stock for our local customer base. However, if there is an instrument that you are looking for, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

How do I apply for a rental?
Download our National Rental application/contract here (pdf format). Fill out the fields marked "required" and then fax it to us on the toll free number listed on the application/contract. We do perform a credit check (TransUnion) in order to approve a rental. Once your rental is approved, we will call you to finalize the rest of the contract and then ship the instrument out to you.

What if I want to Rent-to-Own?
All of our rentals are automatically a rent to own contract. We do not charge interest fees or payoff fees. We allow your rent to go 100% towards a brand new instrument! Most rent-to-own programs will do a rent-to-own on the used instrument you are renting at nearly new retail price (typically around 80% of the retail of a new instrument). However, when you consider the typical life of pads and the age of the instrument by the time you pay it off, you are likely needing serious repair and maintenance. With our rent-to-own, when you are done with your rental, you are given a BRAND NEW instrument. That's like leasing a car and at payoff time, them giving you a new car!



*Example rental rate is for a "Yearly Rental" which is a 12 month, pre-paid, 12 month minimum contract discounted from normal "Monthly" contract rates. Normal monthly rate on a monthly contract for same instrument is $14 per month. All rentals are OAC and subject to credit check.


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