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Jiggs pBone
The Plastic Trombone

Sale: $179.00
Please note that we are not allowed to export the pBone outside of the USA per our dealer agreement with Conn-Selmer.
If you are outside of the USA, you have to order from the distributors in your country.

Now Also Available in Purple & White!

pBone Specifications
Body Material Plastic
Slide Material Fiberglass (brass stockings)
Bore .500" Small Bore
Weight 800 grams (less than 2 lbs)
Mouthpiece Includes a matched color plastic mouthpiece. Also fits standard small shank mouthpieces
Available Colors Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple & White
Warranty 6 Month Defects Warranty

The new pBone trombones might look like a toy, but they are anything but! Designed in conjunction with professional trombonist Jiggs Whigham and distributed by Conn-Selmer, makers of Bach, Conn, King & Martin, the pBone is a true musical instrument designed to revolutionize how we think about trombones.

The body is made from a durable ABS plastic that is available in 5 different colors (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) with the slide tubes being made of fiberglass. The handslide uses brass stockings and the instrument will use any standard small shank mouthpiece (though a matching color plastic mouthpiece is also included). The instrument comes in a padded gig bag and carries a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

The Fiberglass slides will not require traditional lubrication and the instrument will not be subject to the same types of damage and repair as a traditional brass instrument. Best of all is the price. At this price, these instruments are beyond affordable and will make a great instrument for a beginner, marching band player or a gig bone as well!

Not sure how it will sound? Take a look at the video below and hear for yourself!

Join the bell and slide sections together and secure them simply with resistance. Insert the mouthpiece gently into the mouthpiece receiver.

Before use: Pour a small amount of lukewarm water (NEVER HOT) into slide section and work the slide, rinse and drain. Run lukewarm water through the bell section. Rinse and drain.

Be very careful when using mutes as twisting the mute in the bell may damage the seam. Don’t try too hard with plunger or wah wah mutes as this will dislodge the bell from the slide!

Tuning Slide
Remove tuning slide. Apply a generous amount of tuning slide grease or petroleum jelly to each slide and spread over entire surface. Insert tuning slide completely into receivers and wipe off excess grease with a soft cloth.

Apply a small amount of slide cream to the stockings or apply oil/liquid slide lube to the inner slide top, allowing the oil/lube to run down to the stockings. Spray inner slides with water and work up and down to distribute the cream/oil/lube.

Kessler & Sons Music recommends Slide-O-Mix "Rapid Comfort" lubricant.

When new the slide may feel slow and scratchy. The slide will “run-in” with use as the brass stockings polish themselves and at the same time smooth down the interior of the outer slides. During this “running-in period” you will need to clean the inner slides frequently with a lint free cloth or baby-wipe. You should expect to find a dark deposit both on your cloth and in the condensation coming from the water key, this is normal and shows that the stockings are doing their job smoothing down the interior of the outer slide tubes. With use and over time this process will diminish and disappear as the slide becomes quicker, quieter and smoother to run. You may find that the slide needs less lube during the “running-in” period. If during this period, the slide slows it will almost certainly be a build up of the dark deposit so always give the slide a good clean should it slow down.

To maintain your instrument's finish, never clean with hot water, chemical agents or harsh detergents or solvents. Use only lukewarm water for cleaning purposes. The colored parts can be cleaned with a soft cloth. The glass fibre outer slides may be cleaned with warm soapy water and then lightly dressed with vegetable oil to restore the look of the surface.


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