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Kessler Custom by Backun
Professional Clarinet Mouthpiece
Made by Backun Musical Services to Kessler Custom Specifications | Handcrafted

Retail: $300.00
Sale: $175.00

Free USPS Priority Mail
Several Professional Ligature Options at Bundle Discounts!

"This is the mouthpiece I've been looking for since my old Lelandais warped in the 90s. And certainly more affordable than many other 'custom' Zinners out there. What separates it is it's deep/open voicing and deep resistance. Where other mps play with an efficient, neat but limited scope of size and depth, this allows a very open voicing deep in the chamber."
David Thomas - Principal Clarinet, Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Model II (1.06mm)

Model III (1.16mm)

The new Kessler Custom by Backun professional clarinet mouthpieces were designed with one thought in mind: Performance does not need to be matched by a high price. To achieve this goal, we collaborated with the best in the industry - Backun Musical Services in Canada.

The result of this collaboration with Backun lead to our new Kessler Custom by Backun professional series of mouthpieces. With great chambers, excellent craftsmanship and materials, we have been able to produce a mouthpiece that plays evenly and easily so that you can focus on simply playing, not on compensating for a poor mouthpiece.

Our new mouthpieces are available in 2 models:

Model II - Classical Tip Opening (1.06mm) - Ideal for a focused core tone that accentuates traditional classical performance
Model III - Open Tip Opening (1.16mm) - Ideal for Solo performance - bigger sound that does not sacrifice response or tone

These mouthpieces are made to offer players the quality and performance of $300-$400 mouthpieces but offer them at a price that is more affordable. At $175, our mouthpieces have no true equal from other makers. These mouthpieces are expertly crafted by Backun Musical Services in Canada using the same high quality custom mouthpiece blank produced by Zinner that are used on the Backun MoBa model mouthpieces!

2 Ways To Order
1. Give us a call to order! We accept all major credit cards over the phone!
2: Purchase On-Line with a Credit Card, PayPal Account or PayPal Credit financing!
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Sale: $175.00
We will only ship to confirmed addresses in the USA. Shipping in the Contiguous USA is FREE. Orders placed outside of the Contiguous USA will still be processed, but we will send a separate invoice for the shipping cost.
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Select Mouthpiece Configuration

Ligature Options
Many players and teachers do not realize just how much your ligature comes in to play with your mouthpiece setup. Your mouthpiece's table is not flat but rather concave. This concavity is designed to allow the center of your reed to vibrate which improves your tonal presence (the ability to fill the area around you with sound) as well as improves response and depth of tone. A bad ligature can not only negatively effect all of these areas of play but they can also drastically cut down on reed life.

We give the option of 3 different ligatures to bundle with our mouthpiece at a discount. These ligatures are all designed to take full advantage of the reed's vibration and performance.

Rico H-Ligature
The Rico H-Ligature is a modern day replica of the vintage Harrison ligatures. This ligature offers good reed seal in the four corners of the reed and is very easy to use. The give good tonal flexibility and performance.

Includes a plastic cap that is vented and has rubber rails so that the cap fits securely on the ligature with no chance of sliding off when stored in case.
Add $10.00
Rovner VERSA
The Rovner VERSA replaces the old Eddie Daniels model. The ligature seals the reed on the outside edges to leave maximum vibration from the center of the reed. Includes 2 weights for the reed pressure plate, the VERSA gives a total of 6 reed contact combinations so that you can dial in the sound that you want. VERSA ligatures give a characteristically rich tone.

Includes a fitted plastic cap.
Add $35.00
Vandoren Optimum
The Vandoren Optimum is one of the most highly regarded professional ligatures on the market. It includes 3 different reed contact plates to get the performance that is just right for the player. However, the Optimum is designed so that the contact on the mouthpiece itself is minimal with all the weight near the reed. Most players find that this gives the perfect blend of response, clarity and a rich tone while not sacrificing any aspect of their play. Simply put, its the "Optimum" performance.

Includes a plastic cap.
Add $60.00

3 Day Trial Period
We know that a mouthpiece is a very personal choice. This is why we offer a 3 day trial period so that you can make sure that it is the right mouthpiece for you. Once you take delivery, you have 3 days to play it, test it, take it to a teacher, or anything else that you need to to make sure you love it. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied, you simply notify us within 3 days and then you return it for a full refund or exchange (your choice). We do not charge any cleaning fees or use based restocking fees as long as the mouthpiece is returned in new condition. Full details of our policy can be found here.

If you have any questions about these new exciting mouthpieces,
Please feel free to give Dave Kessler a call Toll Free at 1-888-830-0474 (Monday-Friday 9:30-6:00 or Saturday 9:30-4:00, West Coast Time). He can also be reached via email at

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