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Back to School Season
It's Back to School Season Again! Kessler & Sons Music is Las Vegas' premier music dealer for your back to school music needs! We have the best rentals, repairs & supplies around! If you are Local, come on in today! If you are not based in Las Vegas, we ask that you do not plan a trip to Vegas to come try out instruments until October! We simply are too busy serving the needs of our young musicians. We appreciate your understanding!
Please Note: From August 24 through September 12, in the afternoons, we may turn our Toll Free number off and send it directly to voicemail so that we can focus on the needs of our local student musicians. If you call and it goes to voicemail, please either leave a message or send us an email instead.
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Family Owned & Operated Since 1989

Kessler & Sons Music is a Family Owned & Operated Music Store specializing in Band & Orchestra instrument. With 3 Las Vegas valley locations, we have been serving the musical needs of Las Vegas musicians of all levels since 1989!

Every instrument that we sell is completely setup & inspected by our top end repair shop prior to shipping to make sure that the instrument you receive is perfect. This is included at no additional charge to you!

When you call our Toll Free number, you will be able to speak with Dave or Chuck Kessler directly so that you can receive the best advice and guidance possible about your purchase, not just some person in a cubicle with a computer prompt! We can help you make the most educated decision on which instrument will best suit your needs!

So whether you are shopping for a first year student, advanced high school student, adult hobbyist or top end professional, we have the knowledge, product and service that you need!

Home of Kessler Custom Instruments & Mouthpieces

While we carry a large assortment of the world's best musical instruments, we also offer some of the best values with our exclusive Kessler Custom Instruments and Mouthpieces! These products are designed to give the customer a better value by eliminating costly middle-man markups and other distribution related costs that are commonly associated with musical instruments and accessories.

Kessler Custom Woodwind Mouthpieces | Kessler Custom Family of Instruments

Kessler & Sons Music is proud to be an Official Selmer Paris Pro Shop!

Kessler Custom Artist Series Trumpets

Artist Series Trumpets offer the best value on the trumpet market! Designed to produce exceptional tonal quality, quick response and quality performance, the Artist Series Trumpets will impress anyone who tries them!
Quality Control and Play Testing performed by Master Trumpet Builder Tony Scodwell!
Intermediate Series | Professional Series
Kessler Custom Artist Series Piccolo

Following the success of our Kessler Custom flutes, our new Artist Series Piccolo offers the same combination of professional design, great materials & affordability. With a 30% wood composite body and a Thin-Style Wave Headjoint with Integral Lip, this piccolo offers exceptional response and tonal depth in all registers! Check it out today with our
Risk Free Trial program!
$479.00 Click Here to View
Kessler Custom Artist Series Flutes

Our new Kessler Custom flutes offer true professional design and performance but at student friendly prices. Featuring select custom alloys, professional materials & high end craftsmanship, these new flutes will redefine value in the flute market!
Starting at $579.00 Click Here to View
W/C# Trill $699.00 Click Here to View

Kessler Custom by Backun
Pro Clarinet Mouthpieces
Our new Kessler Custom by Backun professional clarinet mouthpieces combine the craftsmanship and quality of Backun Musical Services with the price and value of our Kessler Custom products. These mouthpieces compete with mouthpieces in the $300-$400 price range!
Click Here to View



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