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Selmer Paris Saxophone Necks

Original Selmer Paris saxophone necks can give a wide array on tone color and projection on Any horn. Completely handmade in Paris and available in multiple materials and finishes. If you do not find listed the Selmer Paris Sax neck that you are looking for, please ask!

To order, please call Dave Kessler Toll Free at 1-888-830-0474 Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 | Sat 9:30-4:00 | Sun: Closed, West Coast Time.

3rd Generation Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Sax Neck

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There are a limited supply of "Pre-Jubilee" necks still available.
They are the same price as the modern Jubilee version. If you would prefer a Pre-Jubilee model, please contact us.
 Jubilee necks are the same design with the new octave key system and lacquer.

Selmer Paris Alto Sax Necks
Series II Alto Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Series II Alto - Honey Gold Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN5200J $648.00 $388.80
Series II Alto - Black Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN5200BJ $750.00 $450.00
Series II Alto - Silver Plate (Jubilee) SPN5200SJ $773.00 $463.80
Series II Alto - 24K Gold Plate (Jubilee) SPN5200GPJ $1,647.00 $825.00
Series II Alto - Goldbrass - Limited Supply SPN5201 $648.00 $388.80
Series III Alto Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Series III Alto - Honey Gold Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN6201J $790.00 $474.00
Series III Alto - Black Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN6200BJ $676.00 $405.60
Series III Alto - Silver Plate (Jubilee) SPN6200SJ $739.00 $443.40
Series III Alto - Matte (Jubilee) SPN6200MJ $716.00 $429.60
Series III Alto - 24K Gold Plate (Jubilee) SPN6200GPJ $1,761.00 $899.00
Series III Alto - Lacquer w/booster (Jubilee) SPN620BVOJ $716.00 $429.60
Series III Alto - Goldbrass - Limited Supply SPN6201 $695.00 $417.00
Series III Alto - Sterling "Solid" Silver (Jubilee) SPN6202J $1,812.00 $975.00
Reference Alto Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Reference 54 Alto - Dark Gold Lacquer SPN7200 $650.00 $349.00
Reference 54 Alto - Vintage Matte SPN7200M $650.00 $349.00

Selmer Paris Tenor Sax Necks
Series II Tenor Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Series II Tenor - Honey Gold Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN5400J $852.00 $511.20
Series II Tenor - Black Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN5400BJ $875.00 $525.00
Series II Tenor - Silver Plate (Jubilee) SPN5400SJ $829.00 $497.40
Series II Tenor - Goldbrass - Limited Supply SPN5401 $852.00 $511.20
Series III Tenor Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Series III Tenor - Honey Gold Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN6400J $852.00 $511.20
Series III Tenor - Black Lacquer (Jubilee) SPN6400BJ $733.00 $439.80
Series III Tenor - Silver Plate (Jubilee) SPN6400SJ $829.00 $497.40
Series III Tenor - Matte (Jubilee) SPN6400MJ $829.00 $497.40
Series III Tenor - 24K Gold Plate (Jubilee) SPN6400GPJ $1,931.00 $1,099.00
Series III Tenor - Sterling "Solid" Silver (Jubilee) SPN6402J $2,266.00 $1,249.00
Reference Tenor Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Reference 36 Tenor - Honey Gold Lacquer SPN8400 $795.00 $477.00
Reference 54 Tenor - Vintage Antique SPN7400 $790.00 $474.00
Reference 54 Tenor - Honey Gold Lacquer SPN7400F $790.00 $474.00
Reference 54 Tenor - Sterling "Solid" Silver SPN74F02 $2,266.00 $1,249.00
Reference 36 Tenor - Sterling "Solid" Silver SPN8402 $2,266.00 $1,249.00

Selmer Paris Bari & Bass Sax Necks
Description Part Retail Sale
Series II Bari - Honey Gold Lacquer  SPN5500J $330.00 $198.00
Series II Bari - Silver Plated SPN5500SJ $364.00 $218.40
Series III Bari - Lacquer SPN6600J $431.00 $258.60
Bass Sax, Lacquer SPN5600J $431.00 $258.60

What do the different metals do?

Goldbrass Sax Necks
Selmer Paris Goldbrass necks are the same design as their standard necks, except they use an alloy consisting of 85% copper and 15% zinc. This increased copper content gives the metal a slightly redder look to it. It offers a slightly warmer tone and improved flexibility throughout the range of the instrument. Many find that the goldbrass necks also offer enhanced low overtones.

Sterling Silver (Paris) Sax Necks
Selmer Paris Sterling Silver necks are constructed from Sterling Silver. Commonly referred to as "Solid Silver", sterling is actually a mix of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The copper is added for additional metal strength and durability. Sterling Silver typically offers superior resonance and projection throughout the instrument range.  These necks allow for a more focused, richer sound with enhanced overtones.

Booster Design
Perfected by the research-development department SELMER-Paris, the "Booster" offers a different neck making (creation of a spiral groove on the inside tenon of neck). This different surface state gives a different way to blowed air - a focused sound, more developed on left hand and for very high-pitch sounds. A broad and rich tone.

Originally only available on the Series III soprano, this design has become available on Series III necks throughout the instrument lineup.

Booster designs are available by special order only.

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