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Visit the new home for Kessler & Sons Music Saxophone Repairs

Kessler & Sons Music opened in 1989 as a professional repair shop. Over the years, we have become known through the country as a saxophone specialty store handling only the best saxophone products available. We have customers from all over the country send in their professional saxophones for our overhaul services. There are several reasons for this:

  • Quality - We take great pride in the quality of our work. We realize how difficult it has become to find great repair work. We want to make sure that any and every experience with our store is a positive one. Our repair shop is overseen by Chuck Kessler who has over 30 years of professional repair experience.
  • Materials - We know that the best way to get the most out of your horn is to use only the best materials. We offer multiple pad options including our own custom made Kangaroo skin leather pads.
  • Modernization - We have found that one of the biggest problems with many saxophones has been their tone holes. Small imperfections to tone hole surfaces can lead to large performance issues that may techs can miss. In our “Pro Shop Overhaul, we add in diamond leveling of the saxophone tone holes. This allows use to use higher end pads like the Kangaroo skin and Pisoni Pro pads yielding better pad seal, improved stability, firmer feel and a more responsive horn.

Kessler & Sons Music would rather restore and overhaul your professional saxophone than sell you a new one!

Please call Dave Kessler via our toll free number (or email) to discuss restoring your saxophone to the best level that it can be. If you would like to schedule a repair, please call us.

We offer 2 levels of overhauls. Our overhauls are a complete rebuild of your horn to professional new levels (leaving original lacquer in place). For Selmer Paris saxophones as well as any other true handmade pro sax, we recommend our "Pro Overhaul".

Standard Saxophone Overhaul

Our standard overhaul is the job done on most saxophones. This overhaul is what we recommend for student, intermediate & basic professional saxophones. This overhaul includes:

· Complete disassembly and removal of pads, felts & corks
· Complete chemical cleaning of all mechanical parts (body & keys) removing all old oils and lubricants
· Refitting of all keys for tighter mechanical tolerances & performance
· Lubricating all mechanical pieces with new lubricants
· Complete re-padding of saxophone using standard leather pads and domed plastic resonators
· Each pad custom fit and seated to tone holes one at a time
· New corks and felts throughout the whole instrument
· Adjustment of all articulated key mechanisms to eliminate lost motion and give a solid and quick mechanism
· Minor dent removal & soldering (as needed)
· After the instrument is overhauled, it is allowed to sit for a period of time and is checked and rechecked multiple times throughout this "adjustment period".

This overhaul includes a one year warranty on all pads & adjustments. The end result is a horn that in many cases plays better then it did when it was brand new.  Shipping fees are not included.

"Professional Shop" Professional Saxophone Overhaul

Our pro shop overhaul is the job that we recommend for all true professional horns as well as all Selmer Paris saxophones. This overhaul includes all of the work from the standard overhaul with the several major upgrades:

Diamond Tone Hole Resurfacing
Many saxophones have tone holes that are not perfectly level. With our Pro Overhaul, we use our diamond tone hole leveling equipment to make sure that all tone holes are perfectly flat throughout the sax. With a perfectly flat tone hole, we are able to use a higher end, firmer pad. The firmer pads allow for more solid key action & response and typically allow for better projection.

Premium Pad Selection
With our Pro Overhaul, you can choose between several different pad and resonator options.
· Pisoni Pro Leather (same pad that Selmer Paris uses)  metal or plastic resonators (other resonator options available for additional cost)
· Kangaroo Skin Pads - available in Tan with Metal Domed resonators or Black with Black Plastic resonators (other resonator options available for additional cost)
Kessler & Sons Music has a special Kangaroo pad made for our Pro Shop Overhauls. Shown below are our Kangaroo Black (with black resos) and Tan (with metal resos) pads.

Mechanism Refit
All rods & key mechanisms are refit to their key posts. This improves the mechanical action of your older sax to the level of a brand new, precision fit.

The end result of our Pro Shop Overhaul is a  whole new horn with improved feel, action, performance and a bigger sound than ever before! Shipping fees are not included.

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