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Kessler Custom Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces
Performance Saxophone Mouthpieces for all Musical Styles at Direct Pricing!

Kessler Custom mouthpieces are designed with a wide variety of players in mind. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a very picky professional player, we have a model that is geared to you. All of our mouthpieces are based on some of the most popular vintage mouthpieces of all time. Using only the highest quality materials, our Kessler Custom mouthpieces are guaranteed to impress without breaking the bank!

Now Includes Rico H-Ligature in Gold

Kessler Custom Package
Intermediate & Professional saxophone mouthpieces now include the Rico H-Ligature & Cap in 24k Gold Plate!

Ligature makes a large difference in performance of your saxophone. We have made special arrangements with Rico to be able to provide their great H-Ligature & Cap with all of our Kessler Custom intermediate and professional series saxophone mouthpieces.

The H-Ligature allows maximum reed vibration while maintaining good reed seal producing a rich and resonant tone with longer reed life!

Retail Value of OVER $50!

Included with qualifying mouthpieces purchased after February 7, 2011

Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces
Student Model
Plastic model ideal for student players. Features straight-wall chamber with vintage style C* facing and tip. Mouthpiece only.
Retail: $59.95
Sale: $34.95
Intermediate Jazz
50% Rubber, 50% Plastic composite material for warmer tone. Designed for players used to student & concert style mouthpieces who want to transition into jazz. Features vintage Brilhart style chamber with vintage New York Meyer 5M style facing (.079" tip).
Mouthpiece includes Rico H-Ligature (gold plate) & Cap.

Retail: $139.95
Sale: $69.95
-view mouthpiece-
Professional Concert
"Modern Classical" Series

100% Quality Hard Rubber. Modern style square tone chamber combined with vintage style Selmer Soloist C* facing. Provides excellent tonal response and performance for symphonic use. 
Mouthpiece includes Rico H-Ligature (gold plate) & Cap.

Retail: $209.95
Sale: $94.95
-view mouthpiece-
Professional Jazz
"New York Short Shank" Series

100% Quality Hard Rubber. Original Meyer Bros. New York Medium chamber size with vintage Meyer Bros facing (available in .079" and .085" tip openings). Ideal for professional vintage jazz tonal performance!
Mouthpiece includes Rico H-Ligature (gold plate) & Cap.
Retail: $259.95
Sale: $149.95
-view mouthpiece-

Here are some Reviews of what some players have said about our mouthpieces:

"I have just about every important piece made for the alto (sax). You name it and chances are I have or probably have had it in the past. Recently I was fortunate to try out the Kessler NY 50/50 (50NY model) alto piece and was totally blown away. The projection is awesome and the tone is full of power!!!! It is extremely easy to play in any dynamic and does particularly well with overtones and in the altissimo range. The price is perfect. I strongly recommend everyone give it a try. You won't be sorry."

Sammy Peralta
recording artist

"I just started spending time with your mouthpiece (NYSS)... In many ways, it is more versatile than the original New York Meyer 5M. Plus is has all the free blowing characteristics that made the Meyer so loved. You have possibly created a new Legendary alto mouthpiece!"

Mike Moss

Sax Player

"I got myself a Kessler Custom "Short Shank" (NYSS) and upon arrival play-tested it immediately.

Now after two days of practicing with it I must say that it is the best MP I ever played. I spent half a fortune on my long search for THE mouthpiece and among the one I had are names like Dukoff, Meyer, Rousseau, Selmer, Lawton, Lakey and others. I guess some of them will go soon en Ebay in Switzerland. Lately I played a lot with the Rousseau in Big Bands and Soul/Funk bands. Now with the NYSS it is like one step up. It has rich overtones and my high notes come out of the horn as I like it."

Werner Noethe
Sax Player in Switzerland

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