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Back to School Season
It's Back to School Season Again! Kessler & Sons Music is Las Vegas' premier music dealer for your back to school music needs! We have the best rentals, repairs & supplies around! If you are Local, come on in today! If you are not based in Las Vegas, we ask that you do not plan a trip to Vegas to come try out instruments until October! We simply are too busy serving the needs of our young musicians. We appreciate your understanding!
Please Note: From August 24 through September 12, in the afternoons, we may turn our Toll Free number off and send it directly to voicemail so that we can focus on the needs of our local student musicians. If you call and it goes to voicemail, please either leave a message or send us an email instead.
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Kessler & Sons Music Important Links

These links include many different resources. There is a lot of helpful information in these various websites. If you have a music related site that you would like to see added to my lists, please e-mail Dave Kessler at

Instrument Specific Web Sites/Forums -
These Sites are just for specific instruments. Many of them also include free web forums to discuss everything about that specific instrument. You may find myself posting on them every now and then under the user names of either "kesslermusic" or "DaveKessler". Have fun with these forums, great people & great advice usually are what you will find!

Sax On The Web - Everything Sax
    website address:
    forum site address:

The Trumpet Herald
    website address:
    forum site address:

Sneezy - Clarinets
    website address:
    forum site address:

Manufacturer's Web Sites -

Antigua Winds | Armstrong | Artley | Bach | Benge | Besson | Buffet
 C.G. Conn | CodaBow International | Fox Double Reeds | Getzen | Gemeinhardt
King | Powell Flutes | Rigoutat | Scott Cao Strings | Selmer | Sonare Winds | Yanagisawa

Artist Friends of Kessler & Sons Music-

Paul Taylor - Saxophone Recording Artist

Sammy Peralta - Recording Artist / Producer

Chicago - The Band



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