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Used Noblet Laureate Wood Clarinet

Includes the Following Upgrades

Setup with "Master Series" Pads

Includes Backun Ringless Cocobolo 65mm Barrel


The Noblet Laureate is an excellent wood model French made clarinet. Made by Leblanc in France, side by side with the Opus and Concerto models. The Laureate is more of a semi-professional model and was not heavily distributed in the USA.

This clarinet has been completely gone over in our shop. We have specifically replaced all of the pads in the upper joint with our favorite professional pad on the planet, the Master Series Synthetic pads by Valentino. These pads give a tonal performance and reliability of a cork pad but are easier to work with a seal better than any pad we have ever used. They are also extremely long life pads with an estimated life expectancy of 15 years. This upgrade is normally a $150 job and is included in our sale price. For more information on these pads, please click here.

We have also played through a group of professional barrels and coupled the clarinet with a Backun Ringless series Professional barrel, 65mm length, made from Cocobolo wood. This barrel that we selected gave a MUCH bigger, fuller tone with better responsiveness in all registers and better tonal presence. It is normally a $185 barrel and it is included with this package. The stock Noblet 66mm barrel is also still included.

The clarinet also includes an older Leblanc K10M mouthpiece (likely was included when the instrument was new). The newer K10M mouthpieces were not made as well as the one included in this clarinet. This is an excellently made mouthpiece with nice thin side and tip rails.

We are including a 1 year warranty covering pads & adjustments through our shop.

If you have any questions, please call Dave Kessler Toll Free at 1-888-830-0474 Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 | Sat 9:30-4:00 | Sun: Closed, West Coast Time.

What does our Professional Setup do for you the customer?

No instrument comes into our shop from the manufacturers in perfect adjustment. In fact, the longer they sit in a storage facility or on a music stores shelves, the more out of adjustment they typically are. This is due to the felt in the pads losing the compression that forms the "pad seat" causing leaks of air through the pads.

Our Professional Setup prior to shipping is done to ensure that you receive an instrument that plays perfectly right out of the box. This way you get the superior performance of the instrument without having to have it "setup" by some other technician.

No other shop can give you this price AND this setup.


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