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Buffet Clarinets

Why Buy Your Clarinet From KesslerMusic? Our price includes a complete professional setup in our ClarinetRepairs.com ProShop prior to shipping to ensure that you clarinet is playing perfectly when you receive it! We also include a 1 year pads & adjustments warranty at no additional charge!

All New Buffet clarinets come with case, mouthpiece, full warranties, complete professional setup and inspection by our technicians before they ship. We include all manufacturer's warranties as well as our own 1 year shop warranty covering pads & adjustments, as well as crack repairs. Our shop knows how to make every clarinet the best that it can be. We only accept top level product from our suppliers and any clarinet that we receive that does not meet our standards is sent back to the manufacturer. We will only sell top level clarinets and nothing else!

All Professional Buffet Clarinets (R13 & Higher) qualify for our
 "Barrel for a Buck" Promotion!
Further improve the performance of your new clarinet with a Professional Buffet Chadash Barrel! Normally $155.00 - when purchased with a new Professional Buffet from Kessler & Sons Music,
you pay only $1!*

Professional Setup on all Clarinets performed by our specialty shop. If your clarinet needs refurbishment, take a look at what all we have to offer through our www.ClarinetRepairs.com site. Our technicians focus on making sure that your instrument is the best that it can be... which is better than it was when it was new!

Buffet-Crampon Clarinets
Buffet B12 Student Bb Clarinet -view-
Student model Buffet, made in Germany. ABS Plastic Clarinet with brushed matte finish with Buffet's legendary student friendly bore, undercut tone holes, adjustable thumb rest.
Buffet B12 Student Bb Clarinet with Kessler Custom by Backun Barrel -view-
Student model Buffet, made in Germany. ABS Plastic Clarinet with brushed matte finish with Buffet's legendary student friendly bore, undercut tone holes, adjustable thumb rest.
Package is further enhanced with an upgrade to a Kessler Custom by Backun professional barrel (stock barrel also included). Designed to give more warmth, power, projection and response. Barrel upgrade available in either Grenadilla or Cocobolo woods, in 65mm or 66mm length.
Buffet E12F -view-
New model from Buffet. Body Designed & Made in France, Keywork Made & Assembled in Germany. Unstained Grenadilla with Lacquer coat. White Leather pads. Poly-cylindrical bore, 65mm barrel, undercut tone holes, adjustable thumb rest with silver plated keys and backpack case.
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet R13 -view-
Buffet's main professional model. Completely handmade in France by Buffet's master craftsman. 66mm barrel standard. Nickel plated keys.
+$100 Gift Certificate
KesslerMusic Special!
Buffet R13 with Backun Bell & Barrel -view-
New Buffet R13 Bb clarinet with nickel plated keys. Package includes additional Backun Traditional Bell with Voicing Groove (choice of Grenadilla or Cocobolo) and additional Backun Ringless Grenadilla Barrel (choice of 65mm or 66mm).
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet R13 Silver Keys -view-
Same as the nickel plated key R13 but with silver plated keys.
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet Festival -view-
The Buffet Festival is one of our favorite professional clarinets. Based around the R13 bore design, the Festival features 4 noticeable upgrades over the R13 model.
   - Premium Unstained Grenadilla (vs. Stained on R13 - Also available in Buffet's GreenLine Composite)
   - GoreTex Premium Pads (vs. Traditional Double Bladder on R13)
   - Left Hand Eb/Ab Lever (not available on R13)
   - 65mm & 66mm Barrels (vs. only a 66mm on R13) The Festival is also equipped with silver plated keys standard. This clarinet is in our opinion the best value in the professional clarinet market.
+$100 Gift Certificate
KesslerMusic Special!
Buffet Festival with Backun MoBa Bell & Barrel
he Buffet Festival is one of our favorite professional clarinets. This configuration is one of our best sellers when players come in to our shop. Included in the package is a hand-selected Buffet Festival professional Bb clarinet that we custom pick a new Backun MoBa Barrel & Backun MoBa Bell. You still receive the stock bell & barrels from the Festival as well in this configuration. With the MoBa parts, we find this clarinet to become bigger, sweeter and more responsive. EVERY player who plays this configuration in our store walks out with it!
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet Vintage
Designed to mimic the performance of the original R13 design released in the mid 1950's the Vintage is a great choice for a player who wants more flexibility and a more open tone. The Vintage also includes 2 different bored 66mm barrels. One is a straight cylindrical bore and the other is a double conical bore for different performance effects.
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet R13 Prestige -view-
The R13 Prestige is the best "R13" modern clarinet available today. Buffet uses only the best quality Grenadilla leaving it unstained and in its natural state. They add a left hand Eb lever and upgrade the clarinet to the GoreTex professional pads. This clarinet produces a richer tone with greater presence and power compared to a traditional R13.
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet Tosca -view-
Buffet's top end professional clarinet. Featuring the best features that Buffet has to offer. These clarinets produce the richest and most complete sound of any Buffet clarinet. Newly designed bore & sculpted keywork
+$100 Gift Certificate
Buffet Divine -view-
Buffet's newest professional clarinet! Premium unstained Grenadilla wood body with GreenLine tone hole inserts in upper joint, metal capped tenon rings and carbon wire on bell, middle joint and bell receiving tenons, Cork & GoreTex pads, low F correction key, metal O-ring pins and synthetic corks. Includes 65mm & 66mm barrels and new BAM leather & carbon fiber case.
-Click here to download the brochure!-
+$100 Gift Certificate

*"Barrel for a Buck" and "Backun Bundle" programs are offered solely by Kessler & Sons Music. Offers cannot be combined.

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