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Bach Stradivarius 42AF Series Trombone
Made in the USA | .547" Large Bore | 8.5" One Piece Hand-Hammered Bell | New Axial Flow Valve (double bearing)
New Handslide Manufacturing Process

42AF models feature Bach's new Patented Axial Flow Valve that uses a unique double bearing system
(top and bottom) giving the smoothest and most reliable rotor action ever developed!

Bach Stradivarius 42AF Models
42AF Featuring Bach's new patented Axial Flow valve with top and bottom bearings. New Handslide fabrication process gives unprecedented quality slides. Strad model 42. .547" bore, 8 1/2" one piece yellow brass hand-hammered bell, yellow brass outer slides, wood thumb lever. Clear lacquer. $3,779.00
42AFG Same as Bach Strad model 42AF but with a Gold Brass Bell. $3,929.00
42AFW9 Same as Bach Strad model 42AF but sold Without a Case. $3,469.00
42AFS Same as Bach Strad model 42AF but with in Bright Silver Plate. $4,019.00

Bach Stradivarius 42AF Series Specifications
Country of Manufacture Made 100% in the USA - Contrary to misinformation, the Bach Strad is still made 100% in Elkhart, Indiana. They are NOT made in China as some claim.
Bore .547"
Bell 8.5" Hand-Hammered One-Piece Bell
Rotor Patented Double Bearing (top & bottom) Axial Flow Valve
Slide Yellow Brass Outer Slide
Finish Lacquer
Warranty 2 Year Warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials.
Included Accessories Bach Stradivarius Case, Bach Mouthpiece

Over the past few years, Bach has re-committed themselves to building the world's best trombones. The changed many of the techniques at the factory in order to yield horns that are truly worthy of the "Stradivarius" name. Sadly, many people on the internet will attempt to misinform customers saying that the Strad is made in China, in order to discourage the customer from purchasing. This is NOT true.

Bach Stradivarius trombones are still to this day, 100% Made in the USA. They are made in the factory in Elkhart, Indiana where they have been made for decades.

In fact, Bach has recently started using a new revolutionary manufacturing process for their slide tubes yielding a slide unlike anything we have ever seen from Bach trombones. Recently, we ordered in a 42BO for a customer and were so impressed, that Dave Kessler sent the following email to Tedd Waggoner, the factory manager for Bach:

I (Dave Kessler) personally go over every Bach Strad trombone that comes into our store to make sure that they are up to the caliber that we advertise them to be. Honestly, every now and then we do get a Strad that has a problem. When this happens, that horn is sent immediately back to the factory. We will only keep horns that are up to the level that we find appropriate with the Stradivarius name.

If you have any questions, please call Dave Kessler Toll Free at 1-888-830-0474 Mon-Fri 9:30-6:00 | Sat 9:30-4:00 | Sun: Closed, West Coast Time.


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