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Chop-Saver (http://www.chopsaver.com)
Chop-Saver is an all new, natural lip moisturizer that was designed by a musician for the needs of musicians. Truly a revolutionary product that uses all natural ingredients and herbs to help reduce swelling of the lips and to promote healing. Originally designed for brass
players (since its creator is a professional trumpet player), chopsaver saver is now used by just about any musician who uses their lips and as well as by people who don't even play music at all!

Kessler & Sons Music proudly stocks Chopsaver at all 3 of local stores as well as for online customers.

Chopsaver Tube
Retail: $4.95
KesslerMusic: $4.50

Why do we recommend Chopsaver?

This is one of the first truly revolutionary accessories that we have ever seen. We have had local professionals sampling it and all of them have been as thoroughly impressed as we have with the performance of this product. We are sure that you will to!

Why do you advertise it on multiple places on your site?

We want to make sure that every musician finds out about this product. There is not a single musician who uses their lips that would not benefit in some way from this product.

Wasn't Chopsaver designed only for brass players?

Originally, it was designed for brass players because its designer/creator is a professional trumpet player. However, we have found that all wind instrument players from flute & oboe, to bass clarinet & tuba can and will benefit from this product. In fact, we recommend it for anyone with lips!

Where & How do I buy it?

Kessler & Sons Music proudly stocks Chopsaver at all 3 of our Las Vegas Locations as well as shipping worldwide. While we do not do any on-line processing, we gladly take orders over the phone as well as e-mail: chopsaver@kesslermusic.com





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