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New Leblanc Symphonie Professional Clarinet
Designed by Morrie Backun - Made in the USA - LB120BEX

This Series is Discontinued & Sold Out

Free Kessler Custom by Backun Professional Mouthpiece Included ($175 Value)

Click Here for more information on the Kessler Custom by Backun Mouthpieces

Leblanc Symphonie LB120B-EX Specifications
Country of ManufactureClarinet made in USA, Barrels & Bell made in Canada
Body MaterialUnstained Grenadilla (African Blackwood)
BoreProfessional Bore designed by Morrie Backun
KeysErgonomic Silver Plated Keys
Barrel2 Backun Ringless Barrels - 64mm Grenadilla & 65mm Cocobolo (A442)
Add a 66mm Grenadilla Ringless (A440) for $75 more!
BellBackun Cocobolo bell with Voicing Groove
PadsValentino Synthetic
Special FeaturesVoicing Pin, Reinforced Low E, Locked Pivot Screws, Several Fine Tune Adjusting Screws
MouthpieceKessler Custom by Backun Professional Mouthpiece ($175 value)
CaseDeluxe BAM (France) Case

Closeout Special Details
The Leblanc by Backun professional clarinets are an amazing instrument. Sadly, as the partnership between Leblanc and Backun ended, the line was set to be discontinued for several reasons. The positive of this discontinuation is that while supplies last, you can get an AMAZING professional clarinet for susbtantially less than any other equivalent model would cost!

This model is the LB120B-EX. This is a the A=442 pitched model Symphonie Bb clarinet. What does this mean? The only REAL difference between the LB120B and the LB120B-EX was the barrels. The Standard LB120B (A440 model) had 2 66mm barrels. The LB120B-EX has 1 64mm (Grenadilla) and 1 65mm (Cocobolo). The body and bell parts are the same on both models. If you want a 66mm barrel, we do have them available (the 66mm Grenadilla Ringless) that were made for these clarinets. This would add $75 to the order.

We are further sweetening the offer by including one of our own Kessler Custom by Backun professional mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are made by Backun to our specification to offer the player a mouthpiece with $300+ quality for under $200. However, when combined with this instrument as part of the packaged bundle, the value is even better! Available in 2 models (1.06mm and 1.16mm tip), these mouthpieces produce exceptional tone & response.

Clarinet Details
Backun Barrels are used by some of the most prestigious clarinetist in the world. Bringing his expertise to help design this line of clarinets has yielded the most impressive clarinet choices that we have ever seen.

The clarinet is completely made in the USA by Leblanc. The Barrels are made in Canada by Backun. Voicing is done at Backun in Canada and the project's quality standards are measured by Morrie Backun himself. This line of clarinets does not just bear his name and use his barrels. Morrie is the chief designer of this line of clarinets. He kept only 1 key from Leblanc... and redesigned everything else.

The Symphonie model has several unique features. One, it uses the Backun Ringless barrels. They provide a very big and warm tone. The bore is uniquely designed by Morrie Backun and has excellent tone and response. The tone hole chimneys are not a straight taper but rather have their own bores to optimize tone projection.

The octave vent uses a "Voicing Pin" that changes the direction in which the air escapes the octave vent. This pin (made from hard delrin) allows for the air to escape without hitting the pad. This translates into a cleaner and clearer tone in the upper register of the clarinet. Combined with the Voicing Grove in the bell (this grove causes a little air to flow back into the air stream of the clarinet, making more air come out of the tone holes and the register key), this system really improves tone over the break.

The Symphonie is also setup to make it a very worry free clarinet. Every pivot screw has a set lock screw at the top of its key post. This screw prevents the pivot screw from ever backing out. The clarinet does come with the needed tool for technicians to loosen this screw when needed. The Symphonie is also setup with a specially formulated Valentino pad the ensures a secure pad seat that maintains better then most skin pads.

The clarinet has multiple fine tune adjusting screws throughout and comes with the wrench needed to do these adjustments with ease.

The Symphonie includes 2 of the Backun Ringless model barrels effectively giving the player 2 completely different playing instrument styles.

What does our Professional Setup do for you the customer?

No clarinet comes into our shop from the manufacturers in perfect adjustment. In fact, the longer that they have sat in a storage facility or on a shops shelves, the more out of adjustment they typically are. This is due to the felt in the pads losing the compression that forms the "pad seat" causing leaks of air through the pads. With wood clarinets, the wood can shrink or swell depending on the climate which can effect the fit of the joints as well as cause keys to bind up.

Our Professional Setup prior to shipping is done to ensure that you receive a clarinet that plays perfectly right out of the box. This way you get the superior performance of the clarinet without having to have it "setup" by some other technician. As a professional shop, one of the biggest requirements falls on the repair abilities of the shop. Ours is one of the best around!

We have some of the lowest prices in the country on instruments, no other shop can give you this price AND this setup.



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