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Kessler Custom Soprano & Sopranino Saxophones

Kessler & Sons Music is a family owned and operated music store in Las Vegas. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best values on the sax market by tirelessly working with many manufacturer's and always keeping our eye out for the "next best thing" on the market. We make sure that the saxophones we offer customers represent the best value that they can get.

Our Kessler Custom saxophones are the epitome of this philosophy. By dealing directly with our factory, we are able to keep strict control over the quality of our saxophones and their design, as well as eliminate the typical middle-man markup that is associated with many saxophones on the market today. We sell direct to customers so that we can make sure that they are getting the best value.

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Kessler Custom Performance Series Soprano Sax
Our Performance model uses single post to body construction, plastic finger touches and features one piece body with range up to high F#. Comes in a great all purpose case and includes a Rico Royal B7 mouthpiece.
Kessler Custom Performance Series Soprano Sax
Lacquer Finish: $599.00 -view-
New Finish - Dark Lacquer with Abalone Pearls: $699.00 -view-
Kessler Custom Standard & Deluxe Series Soprano Sax
The Standard Series soprano uses fully ribbed body construction, real mother of pearl finger touches and features a dual neck design with range up to high F#. Comes in a great all purpose case and includes a Rico Royal B7 mouthpiece.

The Deluxe is the same as the Standard Series but features custom "deluxe" hand engraving up and down the saxophone and is available in a black nickel plated finish with Gold Lacquered keys & Abalone finger touches.
Kessler Custom Standard Soprano Sax
 Lacquer Finish: $729.00 -view-
Kessler Custom Deluxe Soprano Sax
 Black Body with Gold Keys: $869.00 -view-
Kessler Custom "Handmade" Model Soprano Sax
Our "Handmade" model soprano sax is built with many of the same professional manufacturing techniques as the best top end professional saxes in the world. This style of construction takes much more time to perform, but the end result is a horn that has less stress on the body tube, thus producing better vibration giving a better tone and response.

Our "Handmade" models are made out of an 85% copper "Red Brass" alloy that helps the horn produce a richer and fuller tone then traditional brass. We only offer the "Handmade" model in our Vintage Dark Lacquer finish with our "Deluxe" hand engraving. In addition to these features, the "Handmade" model is also setup with top end Pisoni Pro Pads and Blue Needle Springs for a true professional setup.

Kessler Custom "Handmade" Straight Soprano
Gold Lacquer Dual Neck, High F# - $1,329.00 -view-
Dark Lacquer Dual Neck, High F# - $1,399.00 -view-
Kessler Custom Eb Sopranino Sax - Red Brass
The newest addition to the Kessler Custom line is our Eb Sopranino saxophone. Our model is based around the Selmer Super 80 Series II design including keywork all the way to high F# (where most affordable sopraninos only reach up to high E and use an older left hand pinky cluster and palm key design).

Inherently, sopraninos are bright in sound simply due to their high pitch. This is why our Kessler Custom Sopranino is made from an 85% copper content "Red Brass" (compared to 70% copper in standard brass). This red brass alloy helps produce a warmer and more homogenous sound.
Kessler Custom Red Brass Sopranino Sax




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